Day 2 – not so smug…

​So… day 2, food – well behaved, general ‘being up and moving aroundness’ – good, intention – dazzlingly impressive… Yet,  despite all of my efforts and determination Mother Nature appears to have other ideas, the weather is filthy – the kind of weather that makes your hair stick to your face, turns your toes into soggy, cold, miserable appendages and your will to mush… I am not yet hardened enough to take on such perilous conditions  (not unless someone volunteers to run alongside me with some sort of portable pagoda? !)

While sitting here typing this blog with my hot cupmof tea I resolve not to be completely beaten, and so – the adjusted plan is this,  today becomes my rest day (yes – 1 day in and I’m having a rest!) Saturday will be the host of today’s jog and balance is restored 🙂


Day 1 – Get off my bum and run

Except I didn’t run – but the schedule (which is dizzingly coloured purple and lime green) says that I don’t have to run on day one and we all know that the schedule must be obeyed! 

Day 1 does say that I should complete 30 minutes Pilates which I have (smug face) 

This is day 1 of a 16 week plan to get ready for a 10k run on May the 21st – with any luck ‘the schedule’ (which we know I have no choice but to follow) will also help me to excavate my bikini body and recover a little bit of strength.

I’ll report back soon xx