Me… 02.01.16

On a holiday to wonderful Goa many years ago I happened upon some certainties… I decided that my favourite colour is definitely blue… any shade really but I am fond of cornflower, my favourite flavour of squash is blackcurrant (I am v fussy about blackcurrant – a story for another time) my favourite number is 4 and I also came to realise that in life I would always prefer to ‘do’ rather than ‘have’…

Some time passed and I really didn’t settle on anything else that I felt ‘sure’ about…  This doesn’t mean that I was unhappy – far from it, I just hadn’t ‘made up my mind’ on anymore of life’s trivialities…

Recently – I have decided that, while I don’t think i’ll ever quite make it as a ‘pro’ Pilates is something that I really couldn’t imagine my life without – I am constantly trying to lengthen my restrictive ham strings and aspire to be increasingly more flexible, have excellent core strength and generally be ‘life fit’ – I am happy to chat about Pilates at any time and always make the most of an opportunity to further my knowledge and ability.  That then brings us to Tea!  All types of tea black, green, herbal, fragrant, medicinal, mate, blooming, oolong… the health benefits, the flavours, the brewing methods (I am the proud owner of a cast iron Japanese teapot and right at the other end of the spectrum a swanky tea specific kettle), spreading the knowledge that I accrue and soaking up any that I can along the way.

I wouldn’t say that i’m a avid advocate of holistic methods but I do like to look at what we do to our bodies and why we do it… if i’ve a headache I will first try to see to it with a good old brew but if it persists – I will reach for the painkillers!

My blog will meander through the things that I enjoy – the things that fall into the ‘i’m certain about this’ box and things that may just be a passing phase.  I will try to share with you the things that I think might be helpful and useful in your day to day or maybe just things that will distract you from the busy world for 5 precious minutes of you time.

Please feel free to feedback, comment, ask, reblog, retweet etc…

Thank you for reading… Em x


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