Ran then I came back and smashed the bloat (or I tried)

So… In the door from work and I changed (superhero in a phonebox stylie) into my running gear and then hotfooted it out and onto the pavements… I listened to Ellie Gouldings Delirium album, very good… The run was awesome, I went further and faster than Monday and I felt good for it when I get home, that’s the reward of exercise, it thanks you with endorphins and the occasional smug grin… When I got back I went straight to Cassey and did some Pilates ‘Bloat be gone’ this time – a real favourite of mine… (I did a very watered down version with my niece on New Years Day – lots of fun ūüôā  ) overall – a good day, I feel proud of myself today and thankful that my motivation is still present! X


Body slimming workout after a run

So, this was today’s workout following a 2 mile run… I always find that I am more supple after a run, which makes sense I suppose ūüôā ¬†Cassey revisits all of the basics and makes you refocus on the areas that you take for granted with time. ¬†I like that she gets you to focus on breathing and discusses when out breathes should be taken. ¬†As with all of her workouts, a sterling session.


January is here and i’ve slowly stretched into it…


Here it is – the wonderful Cassey has brought us not just another calendar but a new challenge – if you’ve not come across Blogilates yet, do yourself a favour and google it now – better yet…¬†http://www.blogilates.com/ follow this link – Cassey literally transformed my whole outlook on fitness – I look forward to the Waist challenge!

Me… 02.01.16

On a holiday to wonderful Goa many years ago I happened upon some certainties… I decided that my favourite colour is¬†definitely blue… any shade really but I am fond of cornflower, my favourite flavour of squash is¬†blackcurrant (I am v fussy about blackcurrant – a story for another time) my favourite number is 4 and I also came to realise¬†that in life I would always prefer to ‘do’ rather than ‘have’…

Some time passed and I really didn’t settle on¬†anything else that I felt ‘sure’ about… ¬†This doesn’t mean that I was unhappy – far from it, I just hadn’t ‘made up my mind’ on anymore of life’s trivialities…

Recently – I have decided that, while I don’t think i’ll ever quite make it as a ‘pro’ Pilates is something that I really couldn’t imagine my life without – I am constantly trying to lengthen my restrictive ham strings and aspire to be increasingly more flexible, have excellent core strength and generally be ‘life fit’ – I am happy to chat about Pilates at any time and always make the most of an opportunity to further my knowledge and ability. ¬†That then brings us to Tea! ¬†All types of tea black, green, herbal, fragrant, medicinal, mate, blooming, oolong… the health benefits, the flavours, the brewing methods (I am the proud owner of a cast iron Japanese teapot and right at the other end of the spectrum a swanky tea specific kettle), spreading the knowledge that I accrue and soaking up any that I can along the way.

I wouldn’t say that i’m a avid¬†advocate of holistic methods but I do like to look at what we do to our bodies and why we do it… if i’ve a headache I will first try to see to it with a good old brew but if it persists – I will reach for the painkillers!

My blog will meander through the things that I enjoy – the things that fall into the ‘i’m certain about this’ box and things that may just be a passing phase. ¬†I will try to share with you the things that I think might be helpful and useful in your day to day or maybe just things that will distract you from the busy world for 5 precious minutes of you time.

Please feel free to feedback, comment, ask, reblog, retweet etc…

Thank you for reading… Em x